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New products
Visiophone Wave
Extel Wave
The first wireless connected Videophone on the market
Make installing your videophone easy with the latest product from Extel’s videophone range. This wireless videophone is compatible with any home thanks to its wireless technology and PowerBox, which gives it a range of up to 350m.
From your phone and the Extel Connect app, control entrances and get notifications for all visits.
visiophone bamboo view
Bamboo view
The eco-friendly videophone is made of recycled plastic with no added paint
The Avidsen BambooView videophone is one of a kind: its environmentally-friendly materials mirror its cardboard packaging made of trees from responsibly-managed forests. Its screen is made of recycled plastic while its intercom panel is made of paint-free brushed aluminium to reduce the use of chemicals.
WelcomeEye Connect 2
Our customers’ opinions matter to us...
And that’s why we’ve refined our product to bring you only the best.
Stylish design, 7” ultra-flat colour touchscreen, the Philips WelcomeEye Connect 2 is a user-friendly product. Connected to its intercom panel using 2 wires, this videophone will become a must-have accessory in your everyday life. Swipe the touchscreen and access its various features: view and speak with your visitors, control the opening of a motorised gate or door – and more! You can control the opening of the gate using RFID badges as well as view your visitors remotely on your Smartphone. If you’re not home, the WelcomeEye Connect 2 records images of your visitors.
WelcomeEye connect 2 Philips
Maison connectée
Avidsen Home connected home range
Get your home connected and control it with voice commands
A complete range of WiFi connected objects with a discreet design and very easy to install and use.
These new accessories ease the life of their users and can be controlled through the Avidsen Home app or through a voice assistant (Google Assistant or Alexa).
Visiophone Welcome Link Philips
Philips WelcomeEye Link
Wireless connected camera doorbell
Keep your entrances secure with the latest product in the Philips WelcomeEye range.
With the doorbell’s connected camera, you can have a live stream of the video on your smartphone or projected onto your Android TV using your voice assistant
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