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avidsen Home
Intuitive connected solution controlled by hand and voice!
A complete range of WiFi connected objects with a discreet design and very easy to install and use.
These new accessories ease the life of their users and can be controlled through the Avidsen Home app or through a voice assistant (Google Assistant or Alexa).
nouveauté bamboo
A first! Aesthetics and environmental concerns in a chime bell.
One of a kind. Bamboo has been used for the front design while all other parts are made from 100% recycled plastic.

The chime operates using kinetic technology. The mechanical energy from the pushing of the button is converted into enough electrical energy to send a radio signal to the chime and make it ring.

Its eco-design is echoed by its cardboard packaging sourced from sustainably managed forests.
The device consumes very little energy thus reducing its environmental impact to the minimum and decreasing its carbon footprint.

Without needing wires and the chime and button already paired, the Bamboo is quick and easy to install.
Philips Link
Wireless connected camera doorbell
Keep your entrances secure with the latest product in the Philips WelcomeEye range.
With the doorbell’s connected camera, you can have a live stream of the video on your smartphone or projected onto your Android TV using your voice assistant
nouveauté philips link
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