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Because you are at the centre of our attention, it is essential for us to guide you before and after the purchase of our products, to offer you the right support for the success of your user experience. This is the reason why we provide you online tips, a dedicated phone support, videos, tutorials, notices, a blog…

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Retour produit

How to return my product?

Any return of products to our logistics centre, whatever the reason, must have been authorised by our customer service who will send you a return agreement authorization (RMA) to be attached to the package.

This document is mandatory. Any package received without the return agreement document cannot be processed. The RMA must be seen from outisde the package.

Product returns may mainly concern 2 cases:

– Righ to retract,14 days following your purchase

– Aftersale under warranty period

Frequently asked

In order that your systemworks properly, you must apply an auto-learn program first.
To reach this, please push 3 seconds on + button of your electronic card. Your system will automatically launch autolearn process and will test seeveral times opening and closing stages. Once motors have been stopped in locked position and without any red light flashing, you can use again your system.

Indeed, our systems can work without photocells. However, it will not be possible to enable automatic closing.

The electronic card manages separetly 2 motors. The electronic card will automatically consider M1 as opening default, and M2 as closing default. If motors are not set up properly, you should reverse them on the electronic card.

If this happens, please check polarity. You may have inversed wires. Motors does’t work properly regarding their opening/closing process. When you notice that your gates are closed while they are opened at the same time on the electronic card (and vice versa), please reverse the wires for each motor (M1 – goes on M1+ and M2 – goes on M2 + and vice versa)
Please launch again auto-learn program. Special tip: During the end of auto-learn program, your gate must be in closed position.

If your camera proposes RJ45 port (either in-house camera or outside camera), please plug in. Then, search the camera from LAN network. Once a camera is added on the app, please go into camera settings and then, begin the WIFI settings. Be cautious, your smartphone must be connected through WIFI and not on mobile newtork (3/4G) .

If your camera doesn’t have RJ45 port (in-house cameras or IRIS range), please check WIFI kind that you have available at home. Your camera can only connect on 2.4GHz WIFI standard (20MHz frequency bandwith)

If your smarphotne / tablet is already connected on WIFI network such as « a », « ac » or « n » in 5GHz, you can not connect your camera to your internet box directly. You must go into your internet box settings ; then, name differently your WIFI network (SSID) ; and finally, connect your smartphone with 2.4 GHz network.

WiFI key of your internet box must contain at most 19 caracters. The key should not contain special characters such as – * @ ( é & ù etc…)

If you deal with your first installation, defaut password is “admin”. Once you have put your password, the application will ask you to reset your pasword.

If you want to synchronize another smartphone, you must write same password that you have set up first time.

It is not possible to retrieve your password. If you don’t rember your password, please reste your camera. On each camera, you will find a RESET button Please push on during 20 seconds Default password will be “admin”. Be cautious, this will reset your camera to plant configuration. It will be necessary to redo all settings (WIFI networking, alert setting, mail setting, etc…)