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These Terms and Conditions of Use described below and hereinafter referred to as “TCU” govern the relationship between Avidsen and the Users, hereinafter referred to as “the User” or “the Users” of the site, and apply
without restriction or reservation for any use of the site: www.avidsen.com.

The User is required to accept these TCU for any use of the site.
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Mandatory information on cookies :

A cookie is a computer tool which makes it possible to trace and analyze the behavior of a user on the Internet (his navigation on the Internet, on a site, in an application, etc.).

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Intellectual Property

This entire site is governed by French legislation on copyright and intellectual property. The content of the site, including & without limitation: images, graphics, texts, videos, logos, and icons are the exclusive property of the company Avidsen with the exception of brands, logos or content belonging to other partner companies or authors.

Reproduction or use, in whole or in part, of the pages, data and any other component of the site, by any process or medium whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of the company Avidsen.

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Publisher Responsability

The Publisher, the company Avidsen, is subject to an obligation of means towards Users, making work properly its website. The Publisher nevertheless reserves the right to carry out technical, maintenance or updating interventions on the Site, causing a temporary interruption of access.

In all cases, the resulting malfunctions and unavailability of services cannot give rise to any compensation for the User.

Hypertext links: the company Avidsen exercises control over the hypertext links on its site: www.avidsen.com. However, Avidsen cannot be held responsible for the content published on the target pages of the hypertext links.

Let us recall that the fact of affixing a hypertext link towards another site is not “in itself” likely to engage the responsibility of the company Avidsen, operator of the site: www.avidsen.com because of the content of the site to which it returns.

Dispute resolution

The conclusion, interpretation and validity of these TCU are subject to the French Law and Regulations in force. To the exclusion of any other legislation, whatever the nationality of the User, this is the case for subsantive and formal rules.

In the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties and in the event of failure of the talks, the parties will resume their entire freedom and their dispute will be brought before the Commercial Court of Tours.

By express agreement, in the absence of an amicable agreement, the courts within the jurisdiction of Avidsen’s head office will have sole jurisdiction for any dispute or dispute.In case of difficulty of interpretation, the French language version of these TCU prevails over any other version which would be translated into another language.