Avidsen Home Eco-system

Home automation is a snap with Avidsen and the Avidsen Home app. Customers can automate their home in minutes, without a subscription. All you need is a Wifi connection; the app is free. The device also works with Google and Alexa voice commands.

All Avidsen products are compatible with each other, there is total harmony. With the smartphone or the voice command, no need for a remote control to operate its automations. It is possible to link several family members with their respective smartphones.

Two ways are possible: either connect the same user on each phone, or create an Avidsen Home account for each smartphone. In the first case, anyone can create or modify routines. In the second, the administrator phone creates a family with the users.

At Avidsen, the connected home knows no bounds. The user connects as many accessories as he wishes (bulbs, sockets, cameras, detectors, etc.). Connected objects can be installed in all rooms of the house, whether you are in a large home or not.

Smart Home means automating the repetitive actions of each day. In the evening, it’s changing the temperature of the rooms, turning on the lights or turning on the cameras in the living rooms. In summer, the timed schedule makes it possible to manage the air conditioning units.

Another example: in the morning. The towel rack is warm, the lights come on and the shutters open. With his smartphone, his voice command, the user lowers the heating when he leaves, activates his alarm and then opens his motorized gate.

Avidsen connected home means trusting a winning quartet: thermal comfort, security with presence control and simulation, savings on energy bills and respect for the environment with our proposals for better use its heating and lighting.