Avidsen is a reference player in the world of connected objects for the home, for comfort, safety and energy control.
Our offers are suitable both for private and professional use.
Since Avidsen was created in 1998, new technology has been in constant change. Consumer demands are increasing.
We take into account all these changes to improve our customers’ everyday life.
Avidsen is an innovating French company entirely focussed on the design and development of easy-to-use electronic and digital systems for the connected home.
The fundamentals of Avidsen’s research and development strategy are to design the technology of the future, master communication protocols, guarantee radio development while anticipating market expectations and driving it via its innovations.
The Avidsen design office has one and only one driving force: innovation.
It is the very core of its growth. Innovation must meet and permanently adapt to market challenges to become part and parcel of everyday life.
Avidsen has a team of engineers exclusively working on research and development to develop its products and systems. This internal team makes it possible to optimise development times, but also to offer quality systems and products at the best price.
Our main concern is to give greater access to connected technology to all and to improve quality of life.
Our engineers are specialised and qualified in new technologies and work both on radio protocols (ARW, Enocean, Thread) and on pure development. They also make existing products more effective, more comfortable, and safer.
Connected solutions for private and professional use. Our different offers accurately meet your expectations and adapt perfectly to each type of building, from the private home to the professional building.