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Avidsen committed to an an eco-responsible home automation

What Avidsen says, Avidsen does. Our commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable home automation is based on the strong commitment of all Avidsen employees to preserving our planet.
For many years, we have been convinced that Technology and innovation are not synonymous with disposable. On every connected project, our co-workers dreams on a connected habitat that makes sense.
Tomorrow smart home must be sustainable
Avenir durable
To protect our natural resources, we strive to control the impact of our solutions, from their conception to their life.
Avidsen has begun to integrate sustainable materials into its solutions:
We use recycled cardboard to transport our equipment.
We optimise the size and the settings of our packaging: stop the overpack that ends up in the trash!

Eco-Friendly products

We design products with 100% recycled materials.
The use of paint is greatly reduced: we use engraving.
Our packs use fewer chemical paints.
We develop energy-efficient, low-energy solutions that have less impact on the planet and contribute to environmental protection.

What are our recycled materials?

For example, Bamboo range uses 100% recycled plastic and bamboo wood, renowned for its energy-saving qualities.

in addition, our Extel engines are designed with recycled aluminium.
With this type of material, quality remains and the planet is preserved.
Our products have a strong repairability index, so when you contact the after sales service to return a product, our teams do their best to repair it, and reuse spare parts.
We offer reconditioned products on our website, the opportunity for you to buy items in “second hand”.

We believe in the circular economy applied to connected housing. To transmit a healthier world, Avidsen wants to take a concrete part in raising awareness in favor of respect for the planet.

Avidsen co-worker is a player in this eco-responsible future
Avidsen Cup

No lasting growth in our activity without teams who are accomplished and invest in an eco-responsible work environment. For example, we are reducing the volume of our printing and photocopying… we are recycling paper, we have opted for the digitalization of all our HR communication.

It is in an HQE (high environmental quality) building that Avidsen has installed the offices of its headquarter. The sixty or so employees who work there are stepping up efforts in favor of the environment:
Goodbye cardboard glasses for the coffee break: everyone has their own personal mug. Lights go out when offices are empty. The air conditioner is managed responsibly.

Pursue innovation and creativity for the benefit of the planet

Avidsen’s efforts do not stop at what has already been accomplished. In the months and years to come, Avidsen will be part of an initiative to promote environmentally friendly transport for employees.

While mobile employees will be able to take advantage of an electric car, employees on site will benefit from bicycles for their home-office journey.

Wishing to include these initiatives in its business dynamic, Avidsen has just joined the French Business Climate Pledge program initiated by the Medef (French business movement).

Concrete actions do not stop. We are strengthening our collaboration with trusted partners, suppliers invested like us in a sustainable approach. For example, we are exploring the path of vegetable inks for the needs of our packaging.

Logo climate pledge
For women and men of our company ...

Our first responsibility is to ensure the well-being and development of our employees. We do everything we can to be an employer of choice for our employees. We encourage actions in favor of well-being at work. For integration, diversity and well-being at work, we fight against discrimination and prevent the risks of exclusion.
We ensure the training of teams if necessary to improve their efficiency in their professional missions.

We fight against gender inequalities and pay inequalities.

Created by the law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, the Professional Equality Index (Index Pénicaud) allows companies to measure the pay gaps between women and men and highlights the points progress on which to act when these disparities are unjustified. All companies with more than 50 employees must calculate and publish their Index each year on March 1.
This indicator only applies to France

The aim is to measure and compare, for women and for men:

– Average salaries, at same job position and age
– Individual salary increases
– The number of employees increased upon return from maternity leave
– Parity among the 10 highest salaries

During the latest period, Avidsen obtains a score of 89/100 for the year 2021.
For comparison, the French average is 83/100 for companies of our size (50-250 employees).

Avidsen obtient la note de 89/100 pour l'année 2021