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ORANE 400 Motor Drive
Swing gate

Ref.: 114156

For swing gates This motor drive is perfectly suited to 2-panel swing gates made of any material. The ideal solution: easy to install and makes your property more secure.

      - For all types of 2-panel gate: wood, iron, aluminium and PVC.
      - Dimensions and weight: 2.50 metres/200 kg max. per panel.
      - Maximum 120° inward opening, towards the property and 90° outward opening.
      - Progressive start and end cycle deceleration (soft open and close)
      - Adjustable force, speed and acceleration
      - Manual motor unlocking using an override key.
      - Automatic (after time delay) or semi-automatic gate closing (the gate can be closed by pressing the remote control).
      - Side gate mode (suitable for a single-panel gate)
      - 2 x 24 Vdc motors with pivoting arms and integrated electronics
      - 2 x 4-button 433.92 MHz remote control units
      - 1 flashing light
      - Mounting and fastening brackets

      - French electronic design.
      - Automatic stop on encountering an obstacle and reversal of direction to clear it.
      - Automatic system programming via simple button press.
      - Pedestrian access: opens one panel only.
      - Self-diagnostics.
      - 100m open range of remote control units.
      - Remote control “copy” function.
      - Passive security: protection against attempted break-ins.
      - This motorised gate is compatible with the solar power kit ref. 114373 (optional, not included in this kit). This solar power kit allows you to operate your drive using solar energy without having to use a mains connection.

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