Avidsen Gate Automatism Solutions

Avidsen, a pioneer brand in the gate automatism industry, has proven itself for the safety and comfort of home access. Thanks to its silent, solid and aesthetic automatism solutions, the French brand is making a name for itself in the gate automation market.

These automatisms, increasingly connected, allow users to manage, remotely, the incomings and outgoings of their house. Everything is done efficiently and automatically. Whether or not the solution is connected to a smartphone, security is reinforced at the level of access to the home.

Under their hoods, most Avidsen engines take up as little space as possible. They are also built to last. They adapt to many types of gates on the market, regardless of the material, the style of gate, but also the weight or size of the leaf(s).

Installing an Avidsen gate automatism solution is to make sure you save time (you no longer get out of your car to open or close), to gain comfort and to reinforce the security of the entrance to your home. A motorized gate guarantees that the leaf will be difficult to force it.

To power the gate motor, there is obviously the power supply; Avidsen also offers solar power with a photovoltaic kit, compatible with a majority of portals on the market. These motors are operated by remote control, RFID badge or smartphone.

The solar kit has many advantages for powering a motorized gate. Quick to install, it avoids expensive work to bury electric cables. Solar power costs nothing on the energy bill. Then, this also eliminates the problem of blackouts ;and, finally, it is virtuous for the planet!