Thomson Smart Home

Thomson aims to simplify the connected home for users who trust this brand for user-friendliness. Many connected objects can be combined with Thomson at Home application. You control your home from your smartphone without needing a home automation gateway.

With solutions such as light bulbs or connected sockets, centralizing home automation modules, everyday life is simplified; our customers bring IA to their homes. At Home was the first complete connected home ecosystem.

Home automation with Thomson also means energy control. Thomson at Home can contribute to energy savings of around 10% per year. The app works on smartphones. Also, with Alexa and Google Home voice commands.

Thanks to programmable routines, Thomson customers benefit from centralized control, which increases convenience while saving money. Repetitive tasks are automated, everyday life improves intuitively. Thomson solutions are reliable and easy to understand.

The use cases with Thomson are numerous. Users control their electricity consumption, switch their lights on and off remotely, open and close their roller shutters always remotely, view videos and photos from cameras, and take control of their heating.