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Extra-flat LUTA video intercom
Audio and video intercom

Ref.: 112208

Extra flat, reflective LUTA videophone with Safe installation function

  • filtre_interphone : Vidéo

      - 1 colour monitor with hands-free, extra-flat 18cm screen, mirror-façade
      - Metal wall mount
      - Choice of 16 doorbell melodies
      - 2-wire connection between the monitor and the intercom panel
      - 1 intercom panel with aluminium front panel and camera equipped with infrared LEDs for night vision. Integrated microphone, buzzer and speaker. Surface-mounted

      - Safe installation: the technology used only requires 2 connection wires between the intercom panel and the monitor, to reduce the risks of connection errors. This intercom provides protection against reversed polarity in the power supply: easy to connect and secure installation.
      - Ultra-flat monitor: less than one centimetre thick.
      - Sleek finish, glass mirror and aluminium frame.
      - Original reflective design: the buttons and the screen are invisible when the intercom is on standby.
      - Intercom panel name holder backlit according to ambient brightness.
      - Connect a 12V 0.5 A electric strike plate to the monitor, allowing you to open a side gate.
      - Connect a dry contact input to the intercom panel, allowing you to open a motorised gate.

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