Thomson Videophones

Thomson proposes a large range of videophones to answer the needs of users who want to equip themselves with a home solution. Choice is given to the customer to equip himself with a wired, wireless or even connected videophone.

Users choose the model that best meets their expectations and needs. With Thomson, they are sure to acquire an easy-to-install videophone, regardless of whether they live in multi-resident area or individual housing: Thomson has extensive ranges suitable for all configurations.

There are several power modes for Thomson videophones. So you can connect the device through two wires, power the monitor screen with two AA batteries or one lithium-ion battery when existing. Some products also work by plugging into a traditional outlet.

Thomson door stations solutions are designed to withstand outdoor conditions thanks to metal structures, protective visors and IP (Index of Protection) certifications with a IP44 grade (against both dust and rain).

Regarding screens, they are sober and have a contemporary design. They have many functions depending on the model chosen: tactile keys, color vision, ultra-flat design, wide image… Thomson also offers accessories for videophones: such as additional monitors and cameras.

Thomson devices offer many useful options for every day: a range of between 100 and 350 meters, night vision, monitoring, passage memory (on SD card), dual gate control or even other options to customize your equipment.

Among Thomson’s flagship products, we find Thomson Air, renowned for its autonomy, its nomadic screen and its “door check” functionality It stands out with the Smart Bracket II, which offers an unprecedented viewing angle and a powerful monitoring function.