Philips Doorbells

Philips doorbells include several ranges to welcome your guests serenely. Each set of chimes includes accessories to extend the range of the signal. There is also the possibility of adding call buttons, chimes, but also opening or movement detectors.

Doorbells (a chime and a call button), regardless of the range, have something in common: we are talking about a long range – up to 300 meters – between the chime and the call button. This is for example necessary to cover the path between the house and the garden gate.

Among the Philips chimes, the Welcome Bell range is the best for its simplicity, its multiple comfort options and its compact appearance. In any case, Philips doorbells are interconnectable and suitable for every type of accommodation, whether it is a house or an apartment.

Philips is also switching to the connected chime which works with the user’s smartphone instead of the traditional chime. The smartphone screen replaces the videophone or doorbell. The customer remotely controls his incoming visitors and enjoys the video.