Thomson Automastism Gate Solution

Setting an automatism solution to your gate has many advantages for everyday life. This is a real guarantee of comfort: a motorized gate can be opened from any car. Useful when it rains, to prevent traffic or to ensure road safety by never leaving your position behind the wheel!

Without doing any major work, motorizing a gate also makes it possible to reinforce security at the level of access to the home. To support each customer, Thomson guides future users of motorized solutions so that they choose from the Thomson catalog the suitable motor for their gate.

Two products stand out: Sesame 250 which is suitable for a two-leaf gate, while Swip 500 fits on a sliding gate. Delivered with a remote control, these motors are of French electronic design and compatible with most of sold gates in the market.

All Thomson gate operator kits are complete to enable customers (themselves) to perform an optimal installation. In addition to the motor, the pack includes a set of two photocells, a flashing light (legal obligation) and the screws necessary for fixing.

To meet customer environmental requirements, Thomson motors are compatible with a solar power kit comprising a photovoltaic panel. This ecological device eliminates long and expensive work. It’s also cost-saving: no additional energy expenditure!

There are also connected motors at Thomson, which can be managed by voice command (Google or Alexa) or by smartphone (Thomson at Home application). The control is carried out using the Guardian module supplied in the motorization packs. The remotes can still work.

Connected motor users monitor the incomings and outgoings of the gateways to their homes, wherever they are. Very easily, the safety of people and goods is reinforced. For sliding gate, this is the Swip 500 Connect model. There is a similar model for a swing gate.