Philips videophones

With videophones designed by Philips, welcoming visitors is a hassle-free process. All Philips videophones are simple to install and easy to use. The industrial group shares its know-how and its demand for quality in its videophone series.

Philips improves the experience of its users without sacrificing their security. Thus, each customer manages their video door entry unit from their smartphone or at home, with the dedicated application. At each stage (installation / use), Philips rigorously meets everyone’s expectations.

Accessory compatibility and scalability define Philips solutions. For example, imagine a complete and simple solution with RFID badges. Consider implementing surveillance cameras and / or secondary monitors for an optimal ecosystem.

Thus, always listening to its customers, the manufacturer has improved one of its flagship products, the Welcome Eye Connect, to offer a better version, the Welcome Eye Connect 2. For each product, users benefit from the most efficient technologies on the market to control their access.

Philips videophones meet strict specifications: the door stations are made of aluminum, the night vision is in color. The screen can be installed easily in DIY mode. Its keys are tactile or classic. With the monitor, all gates can be monitored.