Avidsen Security and Camera

Avidsen is an expert of IP Wifi cameras. Many of the brand’s solutions are establishing themselves in the market with their performance. For many years, Avidsen WiFi IP cameras have been used to keep an eye on your home, but also on your office or professional store. All this 100% remotely.

Outside, from his smartphone, the user monitors the surroundings of his home. At the slightest detection of movement, at the start of an intrusion, a notification is sent to the phone. You can also watch a live video or record a video or a photo of any event.

Installing an Avidsen camera is quick and easy. The French brand also guarantees its customers great weather resistance for outdoor cameras and real durability for all its solutions. The image is of high quality, and the customer has night vision.

Inside, the cameras work in Wi-Fi and allow you to monitor rooms thanks to a very wide viewing angle up to 360 °. The body of the cameras has been designed to integrate discreetly into the interior of your house. There are models with and wireless models.

With a wireless camera, no heavy work to do. Avidsen solutions set in quickly; they adapt to many home configurations. Be careful, however, for tenants: it is not always allowed to drill holes to install the device.

Inside, we place the protective camera in the living room, the hallway, a passageway. It is also possible to combine a movement and / or opening detector. Outside, we favor the front door (under the roof edge), to prevent or anticipate the slightest intrusion.

Outdoor IP cameras that are on battery have the advantage of having a long battery life (several months) and they are easily recharged using a USB cable. They are practical, as they are suitable for buildings that do not have electric cables nearby.