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WIRELESS alarm kit

Ref.: 100771

Comprehensive alarm kit with IP camera and numerous detectors for optimal home security.

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      - 1 motorised IP camera with CMOS ¼” sensor with a 720p resolution
      - Plug-and-play installation and use; no need to configure the router or internet box used
      - Connects to a WiFi wireless internet access point
      - Single smartphone and tablet application : manage your alarm (arming, disarming) and IP camera functions (remote viewing of live images, control of the camera’s motors to adjust the camera) from your smartphone
      - Slot for microSD card (not included) for video recording after the alarm has been triggered
      - Infrared night vision with a 10m range
      - Built-in siren
      - Infrared movement detector built into the camera to improve reliability
      - 2 remote control units: for arming and disarming the protection
      - 4 magnetic opening sensors for doors or windows: used to secure an access point and raise the alert in the event of an intrusion
      - 2 infrared movement detectors

      - Extremely easy to use, the kit is installed using the dedicated app available for Android or iOS smartphones or tablets. Communication between the different kit accessories and the camera is completely wireless.
      - Once installed, you will have a connected alarm system controlled by the dedicated smartphone application, combined with a motorised camera that can be controlled remotely.
      - TrackEye feature: when movement is detected, the camera immediately points in the direction of the sensor concerned to view the incident.

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