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Multi-area wireless alarm kit

Ref.: 100753

The alarm includes 3 operating modes: - Partially armed - Fully armed - PANIC (medical alert: triggers the siren and dials telephone number(s) immediately)

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      - 1 multi-area central unit with built-in telephone transmitter and siren, LCD screen, programming keypad and total/partial arming/chime buttons on the front. Operates with a 12V power supply (included). Wall-mounted or placed on a table.
      - 2 wireless magnetic opening detectors, 1 of which is supplied free of charge, powered by 1 x 12V A23 battery (included).
      - 2 wireless infrared sensors, each powered by 1 x 9V 6F22 battery (included) equipped with a mounting bracket. 10m range and 84° angle of detection.
      - 1 remote control, powered by 1 x 12V A23 battery (included).
      - 1 installation and user manual.
      - Central unit:
      - Telephone transmitter: memory can hold 6 different numbers - Recording of 4 different messages (15 sec. max/msg).When a number is dialled, the message includes the alarm type followed by the shared message- Installer password (for accessing settings) and user password (for arming/disarming)- Check function to verify settings- Can be used with up to 63 accessories- Each detector has a numbered memory location- Sequential registration of all detectors- Remote operation (via telephone)- Alarm event memory, view trigger history for each detector number- Backup battery level display - Detector low battery warning with specific detector indicated- Arming time setting (to leave the protected area) - Telephone call trigger time setting - Alarm trigger time setting (when returning home).
      - Magnetic opening detectors:
      - For doors and windows- Indicator light- Programming via self-learning.
      - Infrared sensors:
      - Operating mode settings: deactivated/continuous/intermittent- Detection sensitivity adjustable via 3-position switch- LED detection indicator- Adjustable mount- Programming via self-learning
      - Remote control:
      - 4 buttons: Fully armed, partially armed, panic, disarmed- Indicator light Programming via self-learning- Keyring.
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