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WiFi 960p - IPC383-Mx IP camera

Ref.: 123383

- Motorised - Outdoor use
- Compatible with Smartphones (iPhone, Android)
- Real-time viewing
- Email alert when movement is detected
- No subscription fees

      - 1 motorised Plug-and-Play outdoor IP camera, to be connected to the internet via an RJ45 cable or WiFi
      - Image: up to 1280x960 pixels (960p)
      - CMOS 1/3” colour optical sensor
      - Night vision via 6 infrared matrix LEDs with a brightness sensor: 25m range
      - Viewing angle 90° zoom 1x / 26° zoom 4x
      - Power supply: 12Vdc 2A mains adapter supplied
      - Camera designed to withstand inclement weather; can be installed outdoors without any special protection (Protection rating IP66, operating temperature -20°C to 60°C)
      - Camera equipped with three motors allowing the tilt (90°), rotation (355°) and 4x optical zoom to be remotely controlled.

      - The internet-connected camera allows you to monitor your home or any other area with ease.
      - No configuration required, Plug&Play installation is quick and easy thanks to the QR code featured on the camera and a smartphone or tablet (Android 2.3 or later, iOS 7.0 or later).
      - Wherever you are, via your Smartphone/tablet (iPhone, Android), you can remotely view videos, take a live photo or begin video recording.
      - The movement detection feature allows you to receive an email and push notification in the event of an intrusion.
      - The camera is equipped with night vision and is designed to withstand inclement weather.

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