Thomson cameras

A trusted brand for families, Thomson has an extensive catalog, so consumers who want to keep tabs on their homes can opt for a Thomson camera, and avoid committing to a surveillance company and its expensive subscription.

With Thomson and wifi, you install your own protection solution; everything is very easy to configure. Thomson cameras are intuitive, provide excellent image and video when motion is detected. Depending on the model chosen, they reach different protection needs.

To monitor your outdoors, consider the Lens 150 model that will allow you to see in real time what is happening at home. Thanks to notifications, you can use your camera and the information you collect wherever you are. Lens 150 also works for indoor surveillance.

For indoor protection, the Lens 200 kit is ideal. This motorized camera can point itself remotely. It offers autotracking and allows you to record videos. For optimal protection, it is compatible with opening and movement detectors, and with a siren.

Thomson cameras are appreciated for their performance, a real guarantee of protection. In addition, Thomson can bring additionnal features. For example, Lens 100 will effectively replace a baby monitor. The cameras can be considered as a good solution for pets surveillance.

Close-up: the Rheita 100 camera, which also combines flashlight and powerful siren. Top seller for Thomson brand, this motorized rotating camera also offers silhouette recognition and autotracking. Enriched with an unprecedented motor stroke, it also includes three lighting modes.

Perfect for outdoor use (IP65, solid metal), Rheita 100 is triggered at the slightest detection of movement, sending a notification to the user via the At Home Security application, which also allows the camera to be oriented. Rheita 100 is the dual effectiveness of comfort and deterrence.