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XP500+ motor drive kit for swing gates
Swing gate

Ref.: 654121

Suitable for most gates (PVC, Aluminium, Openwork wood or steel) of 2.50m and de 250kg per panel.
Inward or outward opening, maximum angle: 120°.

      - 2 moteurs à bras articulés, 12 VDC, avec pattes de fixation
      - 1 boîtier électronique avec programmation simple du cycle d’ouverture et de fermeture
      - 2 télécommandes
      - 1 feu clignotant
      - 1 notice de montage

      - Manual motor unlocking
      - Automatic (after time delay) or semi-automatic closing (the gate can be closed by pressing the remote control)
      - Pedestrian access: opens one panel only
      - Automatic stop on encountering an obstacle + reversal of direction to clear it
      - Can be powered by solar energy with accessory ref. 654373 (optional, not included in this kit).

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