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Amperometer clamp
Energy saving

Ref.: 970265

When clipped onto the phase of a group of electrical appliances to be monitored, this product measures the instantaneous value of the current and transmits it by radio waves at regular intervals.
All the information collected is easy to use and allows you to understand and control your energy expenditure.

- Indoor use only
- Operating temperature 0°C/+40°C
- Storage temperature -20°C/+70°C
- Power supply 1 CR2450 lithium battery (included)
- Average consumption of the radio transmitter
- Self-sufficiency 1 year
- Installation Wall-mounted (wall plugs and screws included)
- Colour: Pure white
- IP20 protection
- Weigh of radio transmitter
: 30g
Sensor: 80g
- -
- Clamp ammeter
- Voltage range (sensor) 110V – 400V
- Measurement current 40mA – 16A
- Accuracy 40mA to 1A: < 10% / from 1A to 16A: < 5%
- Measurement frequency Every 5 minutes
- EEP A5-14-01
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