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Air purifier

Ref.: 103691

At Avidsen, everything we do is centred around your comfort and well-being. We offer a range of air purifiers of the highest quality which you can use to preserve your own health as well as that of your loved ones. Breathe in clean air all year long!

Our air purifiers can be used anywhere in your home. Absolutely no exceptions. Thanks to their size, you can install them anywhere with ease.

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      - Power supply via 230Vac 50Hz / 12Vdc 1A mains adapter supplied
      - Room size: up to 20m² *
      - 3 adjustable speeds
      - Filtered particle size limit: 0.1µm
      - Sound level: 32dB maximum
      - Power consumption: 2.4W maximum
      - Lifespan of the filter: 12 months **
      - Size: 254 x 150 x 255mm
      - Weight: 1.6kg
      - * For larger rooms, consider using the purifier for longer periods or at higher speeds, or using more than one purifier
      - ** Lifespan for information purposes only, based on use 24/7 at low speed, depending on the level of indoor pollution

      - Economical: thanks to their low power consumption, you can enjoy the benefits of Avidsen purifiers 24/7, all year long.
      - Silent: to ensure continual and optimal functionality, without disturbing light sleepers, Avidsen purifiers are practically silent.

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