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Single-zone wireless alarm pack

Ref.: 100702

with telephone transmitter

  • filtre_alarme : Kit alarme

      - 1 central unit with built-in telephone transmitter and 90 dB siren, programming keypad and total/partial arming buttons on the module front. Operates with 4 1.5V LR6 AA batteries. Wall-mounted.
      - 1 RJ11 cable.
      - 1 wireless magnetic opening detector, powered by 1 CR2032 battery.
      - 1 wireless infrared detector, powered by 2 x 1.5V LR6 AA batteries, equipped with a mounting bracket. Detection range: 10m and angle of detection: 110°.
      - 1 remote control powered by 1 CR2032 battery.
      - Radio range of accessories: 50m in open air.
      - Possibility of programming up to 12 accessories
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