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Control pack
Home automation

Ref.: 103010

for rolling shutter and blind drives

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      - 3 x 230Vac-50Hz recess-mounted remote-controlled micro modules
      - Phase + neutral connection
      - Max. power: 500W
      - Min. power: 5W
      - Open air range: 70m
      - 1 wireless 2-position wall remote control
      - Powered by 1 x 12V 27A battery (included)
      - Radio frequency: 433.92MHz
      - For indoor use only
      - The micro modules transform your switches for (wired) shutter/blind drives into radio-controlled switches. Used to centralise the operation of rolling shutters/blinds. Your motor drives can therefore be managed using the original switch or the wall remote control in the pack (or any other wireless transmitter in Avidsen’s Lysa range, not included in this pack).
      - Each micro module is installed in the recess-mount housing behind the (wired) drive switch.
      - These modules are only compatible with shutter installations:- Which use a “fixed position” switch and not a “push button” switch.- With end stops built into the motor, not into the wall remote control. Special attention must be given to Bubendorff installations, where only motors from the MI range (motors with red base) are compatible.- If you have any doubts or for any other type of installation, please contact us.
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