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Real-time power consumption indicator - Spara
Energy saving

Ref.: 103900

You can now control your electricity expenditure
by understanding and analysing your electricity expenditure. With Spara, consumers are immediately aware of their electricity consumption and expenditure.
Spara helps you regulate your consumption and therefore save up to 20% on electricity per year.

      - 1 wireless monitor/receiver (powered by 3 LR06 1.5V batteries, not included) with LCD screen
      - 1 sensor, linked to the transmitter, to be connected to the phase of the electricity meter.
      - 1 transmitter (powered by 3 LR06 1.5V batteries, not included) retrieving information from the sensor and wirelessly transmitting it to the receiver.
      - Open range of transmission: 70m
      - Use: The power consumption indicator is a device indicating the amount of energy consumed by your home in real time, as well as the corresponding financial value. To do this, simply fasten the sensor to the live cable connecting the meter to the fuse box. All the energy used in your home will go through this cable. The information is sent by the wireless transmitter to the monitor, which will indicate the cost and quantity of energy consumed. You can easily move around your house with the wireless monitor, to turn household appliances on and off, thereby displaying variations in power consumption.
      - Very easy to use, no electrical connection required.
      - Personalised setting of peak and off-peak rates.
      - Calculation of the CO2 equivalent emissions rate. Control your consumption... and save money!
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