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Wireless colour video surveillance kit

Ref.: 123044

Wireless colour video surveillance kit with outdoor camera and 150W halogen headlight activated by a movement detector.

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      - • Wireless unobstructed transmission range: 100m (2.4 GHz frequency)• Adjustable outdoor wireless colour camera with built-in microphone. 24/7 wireless transmission of images and sound to the 4-channel audio/video receiver. Connect up to 4 cameras to the same receiver.• Viewing on the TV or PC screen or connect a video recorder.• Adjustable 150W halogen headlight activated by a movement detector (100° angle- 20m range). Adjust illumination time.• Energy saving: a light sensor (with adjustable sensitivity) prevents light activation during the day.• The outdoor unit is connected to the power grid.
      - • Wireless domestic control and security system for houses (access paths, garage, garden, etc.), offices or shops.• Quick and easy installation. The outdoor wireless camera enables the remote monitoring of a room or any other place, on the TV screen, up to a 100m open range.• Also allows you to monitor dark areas thanks to the infrared system. As soon as movement is detected in the coverage area, the powerful 150W halogen headlight comes on. It can be used as courtesy light as well as deterrent lighting against intruders.• Connect a video recorder to the system to record footage.
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