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Mini alarm for doors

Ref.: 100304

Ideal for detached houses, apartments, garages, caravans, mobile homes, shops, etc.

  • filtre_alarme : Pour portes

      - • Operated by a keypad and 4-digit confidential code.• This model is powered by 3 x 1.5V alkaline batteries, not included (AAA-UM4-LRO3).• To arm, set to ON position. The red indicator light flashes once after 2 sec.: the system is armed. If the system detects an attempted intrusion for more than 4 seconds, the indicator light comes on while a beep sounds; if the attempted intrusion continues for another 8 sec., the siren is triggered (for 20 sec.).• To disarm, set the switch to OFF position. If the red indicator light flashes every 5 sec., the batteries must be replaced.
      - • With coding keypad.• With break-in sensor.• Battery power indicator light.• Time delay system.• The alarm is mounted (using adhesive) on the door (as close as possible to the latch) of the room to be protected, and as soon as an intruder opens the door.
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