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Wireless siren for indoor use

Ref.: 970240

With light halo

Constituting a major deterrent, this indoor siren emits a very powerful 103dBa sound when triggered. Anti-tamper contacts and an accelerometer can also detect any attempts at vandalism.
This 100% wireless siren is easy to install and start up.
A dry contact input means that this siren can also be connected to a wired alarm system.

- Trigger time 1 or 3 minutes
- Sound power level 103dBa at 100cm
- Features Powerful audible alert
- Colour Different coloured light halo (blue, green, red)
- Tamper detection Anti-tamper contact and accelerometer
- Connection Dry contact input for connecting the siren to a wired alarm system
- Cable cross-section Up to 1.5 mm²
- Settings Trigger time (1 or 3 minutes)
- Activation/deactivation of the light halo
- EEP D2-01-01
- Indoor use only
- Operating T° 0° /+40°C
- Storage T° -20°C /+70°C
- Power supply 1 ER34615M battery (included)
- Av. consumption 370µA
- Self-sufficiency 4 years
- Installation Installed on a flat surface or wall-mounted (wall plugs and screws included)
- Colour: Pure white
- IP20 protection rating
- Weight 250g
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