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Video handset - silver

Ref.: 111187

2 wires
Compatible with multi-home intercom panels ref. 111100, 111125, and 111126.

  • filtre_accessoire_carillon : Interphone

      - 1 wired video handset with 2.5” colour screen, to be wall-mounted (mounting screws included).
      - 1 x 16VDC/1A transformer.
      - 1 button opening an electric door release or lock (12V 1A).
      - 2-wire connection between the audio handsets and the Astrell multi-home intercom panels (ref. 111100, 111125, and 111126).
      - Connect audio (ref. 111186) and video handsets to the same multi-home intercom panel. Several combinations of audio and video handsets can be envisaged depending on the intercom panel model selected.
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