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Opening detector

Ref.: 600102

For doors and windows

When installed on a door or window, this sensor detects any opening attempt and sends a radio alert (indicated by a warning light).
This 100% wireless detector is made up of just two elements for easy installation and start-up.

      - Indoor use only
      - Operating temperature -20°C/+60°C
      - Storage temperature -20°C/+70°C
      - Power supply Solar cell
      - Average consumption of the radio transmitter 5µA
      - Self-sufficiency in complete darkness 72h
      - Installation wall-mounting (wall plugs and screws included)
      - Colour: pure white
      - IP20 protection
      - Weight 30g
      - Features
      - Combine it with one or more actuators
      - Maintenance-free
      - EEP D5-00-01
      - Solar power supply
      - Can be attached or stuck to door or window
      - Connect several detectors to the same actuator
      - Maintenance-free
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