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Khéa swing gate motor drive
Swing gate

Ref.: 114152

- For all 2-panel gates (1.75 metres/150 kg max. per panel).
- Maximum 120° opening (inward or outward).
- Powered by solar energy with solar power kit reference 104373 (optional).

      - For all types of 2-panel gate: wood, iron, aluminium and PVC.
      - Dimensions and weight: 1.75 metres/150 kg max. per panel.
      - Maximum 120° inward or outward opening.
      - 2 x 12 Vdc motorised actuators with worm screw
      - 1 electronic control box with automatic programming and quick connectors
      - 2 x 4-button 433.92 MHz remote control units

      - 1 set of 12Vdc photocells
      - Mounting and fastening brackets
      - 1 installation and user manual
      - 1 x 12V flashing light
      - French electronic design.
      - Manual unlocking of the actuators via key lock.
      - Automatic (after time delay) or semi-automatic gate closing (the gate can be closed by pressing the remote control).
      - Pedestrian access: opens one panel only.
      - Automatic stop on encountering an obstacle and reversal of direction to clear it.
      - This motor drive is compatible with all types of audio/video intercom on the market (the gate can be opened via the intercom)
      - Self-diagnostics
      - Remote control “copy” function
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