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Home cinema standby “killer”
Energy saving

Ref.: 103255

A wide range of everyday electrical appliances remain continuously powered up once they have been switched off, thereby continuing to use energy to supply memories, digital displays, indicator lights, infrared receivers, etc. As a result, these devices continue to use a substantial amount of energy when they are assumed to be off. The range of Klipä standby “killers” allows you to avoid any unnecessary energy expenditure, thereby reducing your electricity bill by automatically disconnecting the power supply of your devices in standby mode. You will therefore make substantial energy savings while safeguarding the planet.

      - 4 sockets controlled by the standby “killer” + 1 permanent power supply socket
      - With remote infrared receiver
      - Length of cable between the power strip and the remote switch: 1.30m
      - Length of cable between the power strip and the socket: 1.30m
      - Power supply 230Vac/50Hz
      - Maximum power 3680W
      - Programming via self-learning of one of your infrared remote control units
      - Connect your devices (television, DVD player, home cinema, etc.) to the sockets controlled by the standby “killer”.
      - As soon as you turn off your equipment or put it in standby mode, the standby “killer” automatically ceases to supply all connected devices to avoid any unnecessary consumption. Power is restored to your equipment as soon as the standby “killer” is reactivated by the remote control (e.g. television).
      - The 5th socket is independent of the standby “killer” and therefore remains powered at all times, even if the standby “killer” is off.
      - Infrared sensor mounted with an adhesive. Adjust the angle of the infrared sensor, even if the sensor has already been mounted.
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