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Créateur français de solutions connectées, Avidsen, créée en 1998, est Spécialisé dans le développement et la distribution d’accessoires connectés pour le SmartHome, le SmartBuilding et le SmartOffice.

Avidsen is a major player in Europe’s Internet of Things. Its DNA is imbued in its multi-brand strategy (AVIDSEN, EXTEL, THOMSON & PHILIPS), its expertise in design, and its commitment to creating innovative products buttressed by value-added services.

Avidsen is also an international team comprising subsidiaries in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and China.

The teams at Avidsen are motivated by a single vision: offer cutting-edge innovative products that are still intuitive to use.
The basic precept is technology must serve the user; remembering that allows us to develop solutions that everyone can use.

The strong bonds between the teams create an optimal customer-focused global service, from the European delivery of products out of the logistical platform based in the Paris region to customer-targeted marketing and a helpline open to all customers.

Every year, we place over 1.5 million quality products on the market.

Designer & manufacturer of
smart solutions for the home

Swing shutters Air purifier Alarm  Terrace awnings Thermostat Lighting Detector Door bell Energy saving Camera Security Rolling shutters Garage door Audio and video intercom Gate opener

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