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Movement detector - Indoor use

Ref.: 970110

Operated by infra-red detection, this top-of-the-range detector detects all human movement in the room in which it is installed. It can distinguish human beings from pets (dogs, cats, etc.), thus preventing false alarms triggered by pets weighing up to 25kg walking across the floor.
Very easy to install and use (placed on a table or wall-mounted).

      On-demand radio communication protocol (range and battery life are dependent on the protocol)

      Protocols available and references:

      ARW Enocean Thread ZigBee ZWave Homekit Lora Sigfox Bluetooth Wifi
      970110 970210 970310 970410 970510 970610 970710 970810 970910 970010

      - Accelerometer: For detecting any attempt at vandalism
      - Dawn-to-dusk sensor: For lighting controls
      - Pet-friendly

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