Extel Videophones

Extel has established itself for many years as number one in the videophone market. The leading brand therefore offers wired, wireless and connected videophone models. Each of these series and each model own a very good price-performance ratio.

Wireless items appeal to customers because they are ideal for a large or multi-storey home; indeed, its long range is an asset. Autonomy, integrated camera, mobile screens, gate opening system: the user chooses the options that suit him.

Among wired videophones, we identify Levo model, with its monitoring function and its RFID badges. Also Nova, Quattro, Mika. High quality images, possibility of installing additional screens or door stations: Extel adapts to every home configuration.

One of the most highly praised solution from Extel is Extel Connect. Featured with a wide field of vision, capable of recording hundreds of photos and videos, it offers two-way sound. Thanks to its application, the customer manages his incoming visitors, he can also open and close any gates, even remotely.