Extel Doorbell

The doorbell remains the easiest solution for welcoming visitors. Extel, leader in the videophone market, deploys its expertise with its chimes. We are talking about the Extel Dibi range, which offers many models, with various designs: special mention for the Extel Dibi Flash soft.

The chime still has advantages. If you don’t want to reuse the cables from your old doorbell – or install new ones, the Extel chime is a quick and easy solution. It is also a universal device, easy to use and requiring no specific configuration.

With the Extel doorbells from the Dibi Push range, the user can connect several chimes to a single call button or several call buttons to a single chime. All doorbells in this series are wireless and feature a low battery alert. So, you never miss a visitor.

In this range, there are several models, each one having a strong point: thus, Dibi MP3 allows to choose its ringtone. With Dibi Plug, the chime is powered by an electrical outlet, Dibi Contact and Dibi Moov collaborate with opening and movement detectors …

With Extel, the user chooses their ringtone and adjusts the volume to their liking, for more convenience. With the Dibi Flash model, the ringing is accompanied by a light flash when a visitor introduces himself. The light alert is ideal for a hearing impaired person or when children are sleeping.