Extel Automatism Solutions

Extel brand is the market leader with its videophone which allow its customers to secure access to their homes. The gain in comfort is important when installing an Extel videophone. From now on, the brand has been marketing automatism solutions.

Lucé 500 is a solution dedicated to large sliding gates. The kit offered by Extel can be fitted to a sliding door with large dimensions. It offers the classic options appreciated on an automatism solution made to last and endowed with foolproof robustness.

Many features for Lucé 500. Progressive opening, slow motion limit switch, self-learning, respect for the natural movement of the sliding gate, compatibility with all types of audio and video intercoms on the market, stop and reverse side in case of an obstacle and finally several opening modes.

Lucé 500 is also an automastism solutions that takes care of the planet, made up of recycled aluminum components. In addition, it can be powered by a solar power kit. The photovoltaic panel is cost-saving, ecological solution that does not require electrical connection work.

The Extel brand is taking advantage of the launch of its gate motor to break with previous technology solutions. Lucé 500 is thus faster than similar models. And above all, its back-up batteries are fixed inside the box, no longer in an external box. Rest assured: the Lucé 500 dimensions remain compact.