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Avidsen designs, manufactures, and distributes smart solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Offices. A specialist in multi-protocol management, Avidsen offers a range of smart accessories that are available in several protocols through the @mod patented concept. Smart solutions aimed at both professionals and individuals.

Protocole @mod

A unique concept

Avidsen would like to offer an open, flexible Smart Home approach. The @mod concept is a true innovation in terms of protocol management. It enables products to work with any of the various existing radio protocols.

Flexibility and adaptability

Avidsen products adapt to your needs and requirements when it comes to radio protocol. All you need to do is choose the @mod module with your desired protocol, and this module will adapt to ALL of our accessories.

No specific programming or configuration is required. Once inserted into our sensor or actuator, the module configures itself and is operational immediately. a single module, compatible with ALL of your accessories.

Made in France

Accessories from the @mod range are developed and manufactured in France, ensuring quality and time to market efficency. The whole range comes with a five-year warranty.

Custom solutions

All our smart accessories are developed internally by our Research & Development team. Our engineers constantly monitor IoT (Internet of Things) trends and market requirements, and design products that are adapted to Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Office needs. The Avidsen Research and Development team is made up of 10 engineers who are specialised in on-board electronics, radio frequencies, radio protocols, and software.
This enables Avidsen to fulfil customer requests by developing specific products to meet their specifications, within a six- to nine-month time frame, depending on the project’s complexity.

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