Avidsen's world


At Avidsen, we believe that products for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Offices should be beautiful, easy to install and uses friendly and open to the outside world.


An innovative French company

Avidsen is a French company that designs, develops, and markets innovative electronic systems that are easy to install and use to make smart homes available to everyone. A pioneering producer of gate openers since its foundation in 1998, Avidsen has become a leading player in all Smart Home/Smart Building fields, with a wide range of products sold in France and Europe on professional retail and e-tail markets, whether under its own brands, retailer brands, or the Thomson brand, for which Avidsen holds the European licence for Smart Homes and Security.

Bureau d'études

Design offices

All our smart accessories are developed internally by our Research & Development team. Our engineers constantly monitor IoT (Internet of Things) trends and market requirements, and design products that are adapted to Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart Office needs.



We attach a great deal of importance to the visual appearance and user-friendliness of our products.

In close collaboration with our design offices, our product designers dream up connected objects that integrate perfectly into their environments and offer optimal user comfort.

Service Consommateurs

Consumer Service

Our specialised technicians based in France offer you a helpline five days a week. They can advise you and help to answer all of your questions.

Avidsen also offers intuitive and detailed product installation manuals to allow you to install your product easily.


In terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Avidsen is committed to contributing positively to the environment by, first and foremost, offering innovative products, as well as by implementing a waste recycling policy (paper, packaging, electronic devices, etc.). Employees at the company are always looking for ways to be eco-friendly, which promotes good daily habits. To round out of SER policy, we have implemented a responsible purchasing charter and conduct supplier audits in order to involve them in our approach.

Eco Friendly