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Additional antenna

Ref.: 104445

Compatible with avidsen motor drives

  • filtre_motorisation : Portails battants, Portails coulissants
  • filtre_motorisation : Portails battants, Portails coulissants

      - Designed for all radio remote control units (frequency 433.92 MHz).
      - The antenna cable features a connector for connection to an avidsen wireless motor drive.
      - To connect the antenna to an avidsen wired motor drive, simply cut the cable at the connector and strip it.
      - Install in a high location to improve the range.
      - This antenna improves the radio reception of automated devices so that the remote control can be used at greater distances.
      - Useful in geographical areas where radio links are disrupted (mountainous areas, electricity pylons in close proximity, metallic infrastructures, etc.)
      - Particularly suited to motorised gates, garage doors, garden lighting, etc.
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