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Indoor siren

Ref.: 970140

Constituting a major deterrent, this indoor siren emits a very powerful 103dBa sound when triggered.
Anti-tamper contacts and the accelerometer can also detect any attempts at vandalism.
This 100% wireless siren is easy to install and start up.
A dry contact input means that this siren can also be connected to a wired alarm system.

      - Puissance sonore : 103dBa
      - Accéléramètre : pour détecter toute tentative de sabotage
      - Compatible alarme : possibilité de raccorder la sirène sur une alarme filaire
      - Gestion multi protocoles :

      ARW Enocean Thread ZigBee ZWave Homekit Lora Sigfox Bluetooth Wifi
      970140 970240 970340 970440 970540 970640 970740 970840 970940 970040


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